Why Should You Purchase A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

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If you are in the market for another vehicle, you know you can save a considerable amount of money by buying a used car. You could be hesitant about making a used car purchase because you don’t know the history of the used car you are getting and there is a risk that you will have to spend a fortune on repairs. If you opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can take a little bit of the anxiety out of the purchase. A certified pre-owned car is different than a regular used car because the dealer or a qualified repair facility on behalf of the dealership has conducted a thorough inspection of the car and repaired or replaced any damaged or worn parts before the car was placed for sale.

What Is A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

When you hear the name certified pre-owned vehicle you might not know exactly what all it entails. A certified pre-owned car has been owned previously and usually has relatively low mileage – often no more than 60,000 to 80,000 miles – and it is usually no more than five to seven years old. A certified pre-owned vehicle is backed by its original manufacturer after having been subjected to a rigorous, multi-point inspection. These vehicles come with an extended warranty based on the original date of service and it is good at any dealer in the country.

What Is The Difference If You Buy A Used Car?

Usually, if you buy a regular used car you will be paying for any inspection and repairs out of pocket on top of the price you paid for the vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles have already undergone that inspection and repairs have been made before it was put up for sale and before you made the purchase. A certified pre-owned vehicle includes a limited bumper-to-bumper warranty, an extended warranty, and often other services, such as roadside assistance. A used car only has the remainder of the factory warranty if it is still in effect and if it is transferable.

How Does A Vehicle Qualify As Pre-Certified?

When the dealership gets the used car by trade-in or lease return, they will send that vehicle through a rigorous inspect that is done by a factory-certified automotive technician. If the car meets the requirements of the manufacturer to become a certified vehicle, it will be offered for sale as such. The most important qualification factors for a certified pre-owned vehicle are that it is in excellent condition, that is sound both cosmetically and mechanically, and that it has low mileage. If a car doesn’t meet the requirements, the issues are either fixed or the car is rejected from the program and it is sold as a regular used vehicle. There are different sets of criteria established by the different automakers, but of course, a certified pre-owned vehicle is going to rank as the highest quality used car available.

Who Handles The Certifications Of The Vehicles?

Vehicles are certified by the dealer in accordance with the specifications set forth by the manufacturer. While the dealer will handle the inspection and take care of any needed repairs, the car will be fully backed by the manufacturer just as if it were being sold as new. An extended warranty is sometimes offered when a car is purchased new and extends the factory warranty for specific parts. Sometimes an extended warranty can be transferred and at other times, it cannot. While a certified vehicle also has an extended factory warranty, it has additional perks, such as access to loaner cars, roadside assistance, and sometimes routine maintenance services, rental car reimbursement, and even free trial subscriptions for various services.

Are You In The Market For A Vehicle?

If you are in the market for a vehicle, a certified pre-owned vehicle can provide you with peace of mind and value for the dollar. Lakeway Auto maintains an excellent selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. To learn more, stop by or give us a call today.

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